Christian Science Nurses Training

Christian Science nursing is a healing based ministry whose foundation rests upon the Bible and the teachings of Christian Science as found in the writings of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. The provision for Christian Science nursing can be found in the Manual of The Mother Church.


Christian Science Nurse. SECT. 31. A member of The Mother Church who represents himself or herself as a Christian Science nurse shall be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick. Man 49:6-17

Two-Week Mentorship Program

Upward Wing offers a two-week Visiting Christian Science nursing mentorship. This program gives the mentee, whether a student Christian Science nurse or a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse, a guided opportunity to develop their ministry by introducing them to the workings of a visiting Christian Science nursing service and, when appropriate, the experience of caring for someone in their home.

During the program, we explore the varied aspects of our service. This includes the metaphysical basis on which all of Upward Wing's programs, policies, and procedures are built. In addition to thoroughly exploring our handbooks, the mentee becomes familiar with our unique and custom built online "backoffice" system. Each individual works side-by-side with our Journal-listed Christian Science nurses and students. When possible, we include extra activities like winter driving school.

Additional Information
  • The Cottage of Upward Wing located in Fairlawn, Ohio,  supports this program by providing a warm and comfortable place for the mentee to stay. Accommodations include a private bedroom, bathroom, and shared study room, tv room, three-season sunroom, and kitchen.
  • Upon arrival, the mentee is taken for a background check after which an ethics and compliance training session prepares them for an active two weeks.
  • Daily lesson plans are presented that work around patient visits.
  • Students are given temporary access to the backoffice and taught how it is used.
  • We include several Christian Science Church and Reading Room visits.
  • Following the two-week session, we remain interested in the mentees developing ministry and are ready resources to them when called upon.

Christian Science Nurses Training with Upward Wing

Upward Wing has partnered with Le Verger to offer a comprehensive education program which covers all four levels ( Levels I-IV) of Christian Science nurses training, including both classroom instruction and its practical application through side-by-side mentoring and support to those interested in serving within Upward Wing's local field.

Each Christian Science nursing candidate begins this program with the Spiritual Dimension of Care seminar. This seminar explains Christian Science nursing as a Manual-based activity grounded in the Bible and the theology of Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy.

Le Verger, Christian Science Nursing Facility

To learn more about the Le Verger Christian Science Nursing Education Program

How the Upward Wing Program Works

Upward Wing offers an individualized training program for students of Christian Science wishing to become Christian Science nurses.

Using material written by the Le Verger's education team, its Christian Science nurse training program is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each individual student. Typically, the training is undertaken one-to-one with the full expectation of supporting the student through and beyond listing in The Christian Science Journal.

Upward Wing / Le Verger's program is able to teach Christian Science nursing both for in home and facility settings. The instructors work with the students to adapt skills and resources as necessary.

Additional Information

The Upward Wing Christian Science nurses training program covers the Core Topics and Desired Outcomes as well as Course Levels and Objectives for Christian Science Nurses Training Levels I, II, III and IV as outlined by the AOCSN.

For more information regarding Upward Wing's course curriculum or to ask for an application to Upward Wing's Christian Science Nurses Training program, please contact the Director of Christian Science Nurses Training directly at

Fulfilling the different demands of their united spheres, their sympathies should blend in sweet confidence and cheer, each partner sustaining the other, - thus hallowing the union of interests and affections, in which the heart finds peace and home.                                              Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p.59:11

Financial Aid

Financial concerns should not stand in the way of pursuing Christian Science nurses training. Once you have applied and been accepted into Upward Wing's program, we will assist you with finding and applying for financial aid.

Below is a list of organizations known to provide financial aid:

The Albert Baker Fund
The Dominion Foundation for Christian Science Nursing
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