Our Christian Science Nursing Services


Christian Science Nursing Service Line

If you are a student of Christian Science under the care of a Journal-listed Christian Science Practitioner and radically relying on Christian Science for healing, we're here to help.

Call 1-855-CSN-4YOU (1-855-276-4968) and the Christian Science Nurse who answers your call will have information to share about all of the options available to meet your needs.

In-home Christian Science Nursing

This service involves arranging for one of our local Christian Science Nurses to provide care to you at your home. Individual visits typically range from 1-3 hours depending on the need. In certain cases, a team of Christian Science Nurses can provide 24-hour care for up to seven days. Upward Wing will typically employ this approach when a family is seeking to admit the patient to a nearby in-patient Christian Science Nursing facility like Glenmont in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Upward Wing charges a minimal hourly fee. We do not charge for local mileage and basic supplies.
  • Upward Wing loans equipment that is supportive of Christian Science nursing care. If you have a need please call the Upward Wing Service line.

Christian Science Nursing National Support Service

Upward Wing supports the Christian Science community by providing a resource for those needing to find a private-duty Christian Science nurse for in-home care.

Upward Wing does not employ private-duty Christian Science nurses, but when we find that a Christian science nurse has availability, we share their name with the caller or their family/Health Care Power of Attorney, so that they may call and engage the individual Christian Science nurse. Our Christian Science nurses patiently take the time needed to reach out to their contacts across the country, consciously working to express God's ever-present love and care for Her children.

  • A Christian Science nurse is available 24/7/365 to answer your call.
  • Upward Wing is based in Northern Ohio but our phone line is answered by an on-call Christian Science nurse wherever they may be.
  • We do not charge either the patient or the Christian Science nurse for our assistance in facilitating their connection, though we are happy to accept donations of gratitude for this service.
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