The Spiritual Dimension of Care Seminar

The Spiritual Dimension of Care seminar provides an interactive discussion about Christian Science nursing where you can ask questions and hear examples from one of Upward Wing's experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse instructors. The seminar is also a helpful first step for those thinking about entering into the ministry of Christian Science nursing.

The seminar discusses the biblical basis and Church Manual provision for Christian Science nursing. This full day presentation also discusses the history of Christian Science nursing and introduces participants to The Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services, giving participants a clear understanding of what the care of a Christian Science nurse does and does not include.

The seminar is suitable for large or small groups, including branch churches, and can be delivered in person, or via Zoom.

If you or your church is interested in taking this course please contact us to schedule your Seminar.


Home Helper Class

If you are a member of a Care Committee at your Branch Church, have a family member whom you care for or simply would like to know how to care for fellow church members if there is a need this is a wonderful class to prepare you to answer the call when it comes.

The Home Helper Class is a two-day course teaching Christian Scientists how to care for someone at home while supporting the healing activity of Christian Science. The curriculum includes the metaphysics of care as explained in the teachings of Christian Science, and the skills needed to support an individual.


Branch Church Workshops

We are happy to offer a variety of workshops to Branch Churches. To get more information on any of these workshops, contact us at

  • Ushering
  • The Human and Divine Coincidence
  • Care Committee
  • Basics of Caring for One Another for Sunday School Students
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