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A:  In 1908, Mrs. Eddy added the by-law “Christian Science Nurse” to the Church Manual (Article VIII, Section 31). The requirements in this by-law are the source of the Christian Science nurse’s authority and scope of service. The by-law reads:

A member of The Mother Church who represents himself or herself as a Christian Science nurse shall be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick.

The cards of such persons may be inserted in The Christian Science Journal under rules established by the publishers.

A:  The staff of Upward Wing supports the individual’s desire to fully rely on Christian Science for healing by meeting their care needs in the home. For a general description of what we do, please refer to the document titled Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services that has been published by The Office of Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston.

Upward Wing may also be of assistance as a resource in connecting with local services that provide regular meals, support with household chores, or transportation. When care needs exceed 2-3 hours, Upward Wing can assist the individual and their family in finding a private duty Christian Science nurse, or accommodation at a Christian Science care facility.

A:  Overlook House Inc. has been an active presence providing Christian Science nursing care in Northeast Ohio for over sixty years. After it became necessary to close the facility at the end of 2008, the Overlook House Board of Directors worked diligently to sell the remaining assets and to establish a fund to support a visiting Christian Science nursing service. Upward Wing, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Overlook House that is dedicated to providing quality in-home Christian Science nursing.

A:  People often ask if church membership or even attendance is a requirement for receiving Christian Science nursing care. Certainly those are helpful supports to our individual growth, however, the only requirement we ask is that you have chosen Christian Science treatment as your sole method of healing and are actively working with a Christian Science practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal.

A:  Your choice of health care is completely up to you. The Upward Wing staff does not provide care based on any medical diagnoses or previous medical treatment plans. However, if you have chosen to exclusively rely on Christian Science treatment for healing and are working with a Christian Science practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal, we will happily support you in whatever way we can.

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