Brother Birds Program



As a result of much prayer and listening to the field, Upward Wing is reaching out with the purpose of fostering closer communication with our local branch churches. The Brother Bird Program is developed for the purpose of blessing "our neighbor as ourselves" and supporting care committees across the region.



Each Christian Science Church or Society within our region is asked to appoint a dedicated liaison(s). These "Brother Birds" will help Upward Wing maintain local resources for members in need of Christian Science Nursing care and provide the necessary support for those who are caring for loved ones themselves. As we lovingly nourish each other- demonstrating those qualities of a nurse that Mrs. Eddy outlines on page 395 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: "cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith,- receptive to Truth and Love"- we will see results.



At times there is an unnatural resistance to asking for help when a challenge comes. The Brother Bird Program is designed to provide that immediate caring embrace that might lead to calling on a Christian Science nurse. The liaison can share with members at their church business meetings the many aspects of how Upward Wing expresses "the sweet amenities of love". Here are some ways our "Brother Birds" can share this information:

  • Provide the church community with up-to-date local resources through posting information on church websites, Reading Rooms, bulletin boards, pew cards etc.
  • Be a local resource to answer questions for members and visitors
  • Regularly report to membership the activities and needs of Upward Wing
  • Provide feedback on how Upward Wing services are meeting local needs

Additional Information

The Outreach and Development Director will be leading this program and communicating with all the "Brother Bird" liaisons. He can be contacted through this email:

This program is inspired by and compatible with the work of the Communities of Christian Caring.


Brother Bird Liaison News

If you are a Liaison of the Brother Birds Program, please follow the link below to access previous meetings notes and information. Thank you for supporting Upward Wing!

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