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Annual Meeting 2020

Overlook House Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 14th, 2020
10:30 AM EST
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Overlook House/Upward Wing Christian Science Nursing hosted its Annual Meeting online via Zoom.

Keynote speaker Madelon Maupin presented her talk entitled "The Word: A Light Shining in a Dark Place."

Comment from an Attendee:

"Thank you, Madelon, for the wonderful talk you gave at Overlook House! Your talk gave me just the uplift I needed. I have already replayed it again as it helped me so much.

All of your talks are biblically based from a spiritual point of view, and when listening to them I feel like I am on the road to Emmaus, where my heart burns within me, too. Your messages are focused on the spiritual concepts behind the words.

With joy!"

Learn more about Madelon Maupin's work at www.bibleroads.com.

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