Operating under the authority of Article VIII, Section 31 of The Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy

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Meeting The Need Healing In-Home Care

Who We Are

What is Christian Science Nursing?

Christian Science Nursing is an activity defined by Article VIII, Section 31 of the Manual of the Mother Church, written by Mary Baker Eddy. It provides patients with spiritual reassurance and skilled practical care, such as bathing, cleansing and bandaging of wounds, assistance with mobility, modification of food, and so forth. It does not include medical treatment, such as diagnosing, drugs, herbal remedies, or physical therapy. Acting in their professional capacity, Christian Science nurses are ethically bound to remain within their professional "Scope of Services."


What is Upward Wing, LLC?

Upward Wing employs local Journal-listed Christian Science Nurses who provide the above-described services to patients. If you are a student of Christian Science, under the care of a Journal-listed Christian Science Practitioner, and radically relying on Christian Science for healing, the service begins with your phone call. The Christian Science Nurse who answers your call has information to share about all of the options available to meet your nursing needs. Upward Wing Visiting Christian Science Nursing is one of those options.


What is Upward Wing Visiting Christian Science Nursing?

This service involves arranging for a Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse to provide the above-referenced services to you at your home. Individual visits typically range from 1-3 hours depending on the need. In certain cases, a team of Journal-listed Christian Science Nurses can provide 24-hour care, for up to seven days. Upward Wing will typically employ this approach when a family is seeking to admit the patient to a nearby in-patient Christian Science Nursing facility like Glenmont in Columbus, Ohio.


How is Upward Wing Funded?

After closing its in-patient facility in 2008, and selling its buildings in 2009, Overlook House, Inc. aggregated approximately $3 million in net proceeds. We are using only the interest and dividends from these invested funds to operate Upward Wing. In 2011, those earnings enabled us to employ three Journal-listed Christian Science Nurses and contract a Business Manager. Investment earnings also purchase the equipment and supplies required for the in-home services that these Christian Science nurses provide.


What makes Upward Wing Unique?

Upward Wing does not bill patients for the Visiting Christian Science Nursing services that they receive. Instead, it encourages patients, family members, individual Christian Scientists and local Christian Science churches to express gratitude in the form of tax-deductible contributions to Overlook House, Inc. The stipend we paid to our staff members in 2011 was certainly not equivalent to a living wage. Each year we have been able to increase nursing salaries to achieve a market-competitive "living wage" for the services they provide. To increase that stipend each year, by adding to the endowment fund balance, is our key priority.

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Upward Wing, LLC is a not-for-profit, tax exempt subsidiary of Overlook House, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) organization.